Assignment First

本篇美国教育学论文代写-草莓节讲了在本次活动的简要分析中,将讨论在布里斯班举行的一年一度的草莓节。之所以选择草莓节,是因为它是促进当地社区发展的地方文化活动。草莓节于2017年8月在沙岩角酒店举行(布里斯班儿童,2017)。这个活动有儿童现场娱乐节目。有适合所有年龄层儿童的现场表演。下面将对事件进行更详细的分析。本篇美国教育学论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

In this event brief analysis, there will be discussion of the annual Strawberry festival held in Brisbane. Strawberry festival has been chosen owing to the fact that it is local cultural event that promotes the local community. The Strawberry Festival is held in Sandstone Point Hotel in August 2017 (Brisbane kids, 2017). This event has kids live entertainment. There are live shows for the children of all the ages. A more detailed analysis of the events has been detailed in the following.

Analysis of the Event

This event can be classified as a local event based on the scope (Van der Wagen and Carlos, 2005). This Strawberry festival is an event that is owned by the local community members. It is a celebration of the local produce. The event is held in a fixed place within the premises of the Sandstone Point Hotel. The core investment for the event is from the hotel management (Allen et al., 2005). Local event is designed to cater to the needs of the people in the local community. It is a live event that would occur in the month of August.

Brief analysis

Form of Event

This is a local event which could be considered as a festival. The aim of the festival is that it is used to enhance the destination marketing (Getz, 2008). This is a form of cultural event. The aim of the event is to celebrate the local culture and improve the community ties. This would increase the importance of the place. This event is in direct liaison to celebrate the local produce of the place (Leiper, 2004). There is a positive connotation about the freshness of the produce and local community interact is improved in this process (Yeoman et al., 2012).

Location of Event

The event is expected to be held in Sandstone Point Hotel. It is expected that the company is trying to leverage their connection and increase the brand patronage for the destination. It is used to improve the local community liaison (Ryan, 2002).