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本篇美国会计学论文代写-同性婚姻讲了在公共领域和学术界,关于同性婚姻存在着重大的争论。在美国总统大选期间,同性婚姻成为导致对立候选人两极分化的一个重要问题。这已经成为一个具有启发性的辩论和研究主题(Gerstmann, 2017)。由于对同性婚姻合法化争议的巨大关注,这已成为一个有趣的研究课题。本文旨在从传播学的角度对同性婚姻进行研究,并对同性婚姻的传播理论进行分析。本篇美国会计学论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

There are major debates on same-sex marriage in the public sphere and in academics. In the duration of presidential elections, same-sex marriage turned out to be a significant problem polarizing the opposing candidates. It has turned out to be an enlightening topic for debating and researching (Gerstmann, 2017). Because of huge focus on the controversies regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage, this has turned out to be an interesting research topic. The aim of this essay is to investigate same-sex marriage from a communication theory with key insights on the same.

The essay will consider various claims and theory based efforts for the definition of same-sex marriage in the form of a social issue. In this essay, the key findings will be highlighted from the theoretical perspective of semiotics while comparing the context of same-sex marriage in Vietnam and Australia. The legislation of same-sex marriage is identified as a central problem all across the globe in political communications since it was first legalized in Massachusetts in the year 2004 (May). Same-sex marriage can be identified as a complex problem which is outlined by the histories and significance of gay and marriage rights. There is a strong potential in news media for shaping public debate, public opinion and hence, public policy regarding the same and additional contentious problems.

Significance of the Issue

Any environment along with the expectant factors dictates the behaviour of its inhabitants. Sexual activities with someone from the same-sex are considered as crucial aspects in the identity of a person. In turn, there is expectation of certain behaviours from an individual adopting such an identity. The approaches of defining homosexuals end up prescribing some stigmatization in the same (Gerstmann, 2017). Homosexuality is identified as a limiting category perceiving that homosexuals perform certain actions specifically for being accepted or understood.

Marriage can be identified as a civil institution and recognition is needed for same-sex couples from the civil society. In the year 1967, interracial marriages were outlawed by 16 states as it was considered immoral by the citizens of these states. If homosexuality is identified as innate such as race, then morally objecting same-sex marriage is the same of morally objecting inter-racial marriages. Denying the tag of marriage for the same-sex relationships ends up devaluing them, this further implies that the couple deserves less than a normal couple accepted by the society. Children raised by same-sex parents are not provided with appropriate securities and protections for children raised by normal couples in a legal marriage (Adut, 2012). However, there is no denial in the fact that same-sex couples do and can have long term committed, loving and successful relationships. Gays and lesbians have the same reason as that of heterosexual people for seeking marriage. They also have the same potential for raising well- adjusted, healthy and happy children. Since the past fifty years, the images of men have become highly aggressive and bulkier.