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本研究的主要目的是探讨手机使用对学业成绩的两种测量方法:SWL和元认知意识(MCA)。研究表明,学术意识和元认知意识与手机使用和短信无关。文献将手机用户分为三类:高频用户、正常用户和低频段用户。即使GPA, MCA和SWL之间也没有发现任何关系(Al-Harthy, Was和Isaacson 52)。在本研究中,可以通过自我报告的GPA来解释为什么使用手机与学习成绩之间存在关系(Lepp et al. 215)。由于伦理考虑,研究者无法获得学生的GPA成绩。之前的研究表明,手机的使用与学习成绩呈负相关。可以说,使用手机与学习成绩之间没有关系,因为平均满意度得分仍然处于相同的水平(Lepp, Barkley and Karpinski 18)。生活满意度量表调节了主观幸福感与手机使用之间的关系。生活满意度量表是对多种因素进行分析的,这些因素在之前的研究中已经被发现,包括军事满意度、降低自杀风险、更强的社会关系、心理和身体健康以及化学和酒精滥用。手机的使用和体育活动之间存在着相反的关系,如果手机的使用增加,体育活动就会减少,因此,许多人面临健康问题,导致不快乐。

To examine the two measures of use of mobile phones on academic performance, SWL and metacognitive awareness (MCA) are the main objective of this study. It has been specified in the study that academic awareness and metacognitive awareness are not at all related with mobile phone usage and texting. Literature has divided the mobile phone user into three categories, high frequency, normal and lower users. Even between GPA, MCA, and SWL no relationship has been found (Al-Harthy, Was and Isaacson 52). In this study, the explanation can be given by the self-reported GPA that why there is relationship between the use of mobile phone and academic performance (Lepp et al. 215). The researcher could not get the GPA scores of students because of the ethical considerations. There is a negative relationship between the use of mobile phones and academic performance as indicated by previous research. It can be said that there is no relationship between the use of mobile phones and academic performance because of the fact that average satisfaction score is still at the same level (Lepp, Barkley and Karpinski 18). The Satisfaction with Life Scale has mediated a relationship between subjective well being (happiness) and use of mobile phones. The Satisfaction with Life Scale is analytical to various factors, which have been seen in the previous research, including martial satisfaction, reduced risk of suicide, stronger social relationship, mental and physical health and chemical and alcohol abuse. There is an inverse relationship between the use of mobile phones and physical activities, physical activity declines if use of mobile phones is increasing and because of it, many face health issues, which results in unhappiness.


学生把手机带到学校,在听老师讲课或学习的时候使用手机,这已经变得非常普遍。当学生在课堂上,他们用手机做各种各样的事情,比如上网,收发短信,使用Facebook, Instagram, twitter和更多的社交网站。许多学校不允许在课堂上使用手机,但是仍然有超过一半的学生把手机带入教室,并在课堂上使用(Boase and Ling 512)。

一种消极的关系被确定为在学校使用手机导致学业失败。在美国大学一年级学生中,使用电子媒体设备(包括用于发短信和打电话的手机)与许多其他目的和学业成绩之间的关系是负相关的(Al-Harthy, Was和Isaacson 52)。手机铃声妨碍了孩子们的学习成绩。研究发现,在课堂上使用手机的学生通常会在笔记中写下被打断的信息,而在沃斯曼、马修斯和韦特罗创立的学术机构中,他们的表现并不好。


It has become very much common for students to bring mobile phones to the school and use it while listening to the teacher or during studying. When students are in the class, they use mobile for various things like surfing internet, receiving or sending text messages, using Facebook, Instagram, twitter and many more social sites. Many schools do not allow the use of mobile phones in the classroom, but still more than half of the students bring mobile phones in the class room and use it during the class (Boase and Ling 512).
A negative relation has been identified as use of mobile phones in school has resulted in failing of school. Among the students of first year in the university in United States of America, the relation between the use of electronic media devices which includes cell phones used for texting and calling and many other purposes and performance of academic is of negative relationship (Al-Harthy, Was and Isaacson 52). The ringing of cell phones hampers the learning performance of children. It has been noticed in the study that students who use mobile during the class usually writes down disrupted information in their notes and does not perform good in their academics as founded by Worthman, Mathews and Wetterau.
Fielder, Walsh and Carey and Carey in their recent study has found out that the use of media and academic outcome has a negative association. It has been noticed on the first year female college student’s academic performance and demographics. Otero and Sanchez-Martinez have founded relationship between school failure and use of mobile as intensive. Again, negative relationship has been found between math grades and activities of Facebook as revealed by Lee with the help of sample of African American and Hispanic middle and high school teenagers.