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The involvement of World War II was of wide range and its impact on the world was immediate. According to the most popular political scientists and military historians, the impacts of World War I had that kind of impact, which was far reaching. Practically all of the political conflicts and actual wars fought post-WW1 can be directly traced back to things that happened during that war. These are the few events, which happened during the period of World War I, which made a huge impact on the life of 20th century (Clayton and Barnes 11-15).
Treaty of Versailles – After the end of World War I, the Treaty of Versailles was one of the peaceful treaties. War between allied powers and Germany was ended. The German government changed because of the treaty and the new government, which came, was weak easy fodder for a radical nationalist government. One of the most controversial and crucial provision of the treaties was that it made Germany responsible for all the loss and damage cause to the allied powers.
Centralized government – The power of federal government increased because of the concept of the total war and the need for the mobilization of a country’s economy towards fighting zone. The WWI successfully established the most important issue of where the majority of power should be determined in any country, politically. Since WWI, there has been an increase in the size and power of the federal government.
Communism as a valid form of government – The most catastrophic action of the 20th century was allowing the famous sealed train of Lenin to St. Petersburg in the year 1917. It was a disastrous decision by letting Lenin to participate in the French revolution. In this Russian revolution got highjack by Lenin and after that to fight and win the Russian Civil War. Communist regime was first established. Later all the Communist revolution and conflicts began in different parts. There would be no communist countries without this action.
Proximate cause of the Great Depression – The worldwide depression during the period of 1930s was contributed because of the debts of crushing war, which were owned by many countries. Economies of most of the industrialized countries changed radically because of the conduct of Total War. It badly affected the behavior of the countries of poor economy, which resulted to the Great Depression.