Assignment First


世界上最美丽的岛屿之一,因为与之相关的神秘而令人钦佩。有一长串与这个谜有关的不同理论。但是,如果有人试图观察这个统一的系统,它可以作为揭开一个巨大神秘面纱的一根链子出现。这些岛屿上的一些现象完全是世界独有的。其中一个重要的谜团是摩艾人是如何穿越该岛的。Moai是由火山喷发的火山灰凝固而成的结构。对于科学家来说,这是一个非常大的问题,Moai雕像是如何从采石场搬到岛上的,当时岛上的技术非常有限(Field et al, 2013)。

在此之后,另一位美国考古学家查尔斯·洛夫(Charles love)在一辆木制雪橇上竖立了一座13英尺高、9种色调的雕像,并在滚轮的帮助下移动了它,在短短两分钟的时间内,将雕像提升到了148英尺(约1.48米)的高度。波利尼西亚移民提出的另一种理论是,这些雕像是自己行走的。



One of the most beautiful islands in the world which are admirable because of the mysteries associated with the same. There is a long list of different theories related to the mystery. But if someone tries to observe the unified system, it can appear as the one chain where the veil of a great mystery has been lifted. Some of the phenomenon in these islands is completely native to the world. One of important mystery is how the Moai moved across the island. Moai are the structures which are made from the solidified ash from the volcanoes. This is a very big question for the scientists, that how the Moai statues were moved from the stone quarries and were set around island where there were very limited numbers of technologies at that point of time (Field et al, 2013).
After this, another US archaeology Charles love erected a 13 foot, nine tone statue on a wooden sledge and moved it with the help of leg rollers and advanced the same to the height of around 148 feet in a small time span of two minutes. Another theory was given by Polynesian settlers that the statues walked on their own.
Moai are the beautiful and enormous artifact which displays the beautiful statues in an enticing manner. But the movement of Moai statues to the Easter Island is a mystery. Though there have been a number of theories behind the movement of the same to the island, but none of the theories have been strong enough. In this report the discussion has been done on the theories which are related to the walking of moan statues.