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本篇美国论文代写-三星电子公司现状分析讲了尽管三星是世界上最大的市场领导者,但在日本市场却失败了。最近一段时间,韩国企业看到了一线希望,但离成功还很远。在这篇报告中,我们讨论了三星等韩国公司的现状,以及他们如何努力打入日本市场。研究的重点是目前的情况,并为韩国公司提供了一套建议。本篇美国论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

In order to be successful in Japan and come up over Sony Electronics, Samsung still have to do a number of things. The very first thing that is required to be done by the Samsung Company is to change the mindset of the people. It is important that the Samsung makes the people believe that its products are as good as the one made by Sony (Deshpandé et al., 2013). Secondly, Samsung also needs to connect to more and more government agencies and private organizations who promote the company in the market of Japan. This will help in promotion of the company in Japanese market.


Thus, it can be concluded that at present none of the Korean company has been able to make a successful impact in Japanese market. This is true from the perspective of Samsung which inspite of being the largest market leader in the world, failed in Japanese market. There has been some ray of hope for the Korean companies in the recent times but it is still far from being successful. In this report, the discussion has been done on the present situation of Samsung and other Korean companies and their struggle to penetrate into the market of Japanese. The research has focused on the present scenarios and a set of recommendations have been provided for the Korean companies.