Assignment First


每个人生命中最重要的部分之一就是睡眠。它是一个人生命中最重要的部分。良好的睡眠有助于一个人的生活。如果人们睡眠不足,他们可能在白天不活跃,会感到困倦、懒惰和疲劳。学生也需要有一个适当的睡眠,以确保他们能够集中精力于他们的科目,并能够从课堂和培训课程中获得富有成效的知识。在这篇研究论文中,为了找出学生夜间睡眠的平均小时数,进行了讨论。为了做到这一点,通过调查进行了定量分析。在此基础上计算了t -评分,并对睡眠时间进行了平均分析。


n = x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 …..xn / n

这里n = 58

x1+x2+x3+x4的总和…xn = 418

因此,均值可以计算为:418/58= 7.20



| (x – x)2 |


让我们考虑x= 7 x= 7.20的情况

因此,(x – x)2 |的值将等于(7-7.2)2 = 0.04

对于x=8和x= 7.2的另一种情况,| (x – x)2 |的值将是(8-7.2)2 = 0.64


因此,所有观测值的平均标准差为215.86/58= 3.72


SE= s/√n = 3.72/√58 = 0.488


x /√s2 / N = t

s=标准差= 3.72

N = 58

x = 7.2



One of the most important parts of the life of each and every person is his or her sleep. It is something which is the most integral parts of the life of the person. A good sleep contributes to the life of the person. If people do not sleep enough, they may not be active during the day time and will feel lethargic, lazy and tired. Students also need to have a proper sleep in order to ensure that they are able to concentrate on their subjects and are able to gain fruitful knowledge from the classroom and the training sessions. In this research paper, the discussion has been done in order to find the average number of hours for which the students are sleeping in night. In order to do the same, the quantitative analysis has been done by conducting the survey. On the basis of the same the t –score has been calculated and the average hours of sleep has been tried to analyse.
The calculation of the mean value has been done by the following formula:
n = x1+x2+x3+x4…..xn /n
Here n= 58
Total sum of x1+x2+x3+x4…..xn= 418
Thus, the value of mean can be calculated as: 418/58= 7.20
After the calculation of mean, it is important to calculate the value of standard deviation.
The calculation of the standard deviation can found by the use of the following formula:
| (x – x)2 |
An example:
Let us consider the case in which the value of x= 7, x= 7.20
Thus, the value of (x – x)2 | will be = (7-7.2)2 = 0.04
For another case where x=8 and x= 7.2, the value of | (x – x)2 | will be (8-7.2)2 = 0.64
The total value for standard deviation for the all the observations has been found to be 215.86.
Thus the average of standard deviation is for all the observations = 215.86/58= 3.72
The next calculation for finding the t observation can be done by the calculation of standard error. Standard error may be defined as deviation of the distribution of the sampling distribution of a statistic. The standard error can be calculated by the formula:
SE= s/√n = 3.72/√58 = 0.488
After this the values for the calculation of t can be given by the formula:
x/ √s2/N =t
s= standard deviation = 3.72
x = 7.2
Right Tailed test for t value