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本篇美国论文代写网-深度访谈讲了深度访谈被定义为一种定性研究技术,包括对较少的被调查者进行密集的个人访谈(Ellram, 1990)。这次采访是对克赖斯特彻奇市Meet Fresh商店的老板进行的。采访的对象是餐厅老板。这样做是为了探索特定想法或情况的视角。面试有三种。它是结构化、半结构化和非结构化的。本研究采用半结构化访谈法。在半结构化面试中,面试官会准备一系列的问题,所有的面试者都会回答这些问题。面谈的好处包括从直接来源收集详细资料的可能性。采访者试图了解原始数据收集的流程。当需要时,这些是用来澄清某些问题的。访谈的缺点是,与原始的数据收集方法相比,需要的时间更长。本篇美国论文代写网文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Interview Method and Context

The in-depth interview is defined as a qualitative research technique that involves the conducting of intensive individual interviews with smaller number of respondent (Ellram, 1990). This interview was conducted with the owner of Meet Fresh store in Christchurch. The interview was with the owner. These are done to explore the perspective of the particular idea or situation. There are three kinds of interviews. It is structured, semi-structures and unstructured. For this particular research, semi-structured interview method was used. In a semi-structured interview, the interviewers prepare a set of questions that are to be answered by all the interviewees. The advantages of interviews include the possibility of collecting detailed information from the direct source. The interviewer attempted to comprehend about the flow of primary data collection process. These are used to clarify certain issues as the need arise. The disadvantage of interviews is that there are longer time requirements when compared to the primary data collection methods.

Given the time and resource constraint, it was determined that the best course of action would be to conduct the interview with the owner of the company. The owner ‘Vicky’ agreed to the interview that was semi-structured. As a small business owner, he had a lot of knowledge about the processes and the professional ways to meet the demands of the current situation. The written consent was obtained from the owner and the details about the business are explained.