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In corresponding to these types of views, it has been argued that the doubts of culture and context have to be worked upon in the establishment of communication skills with respect to the student. This also helps in underlining how significant it is for the learners to create learning for getting acquainted and to be in relation with other backgrounds of culture. This can be described with respect to the value of information, and it also has a link with the establishment of attitudes of learners towards other cultures and other nations. Hence, the awareness of culture can be considered as general. Gaining knowledge about other nations helps in laying foundation for higher scope of tolerance and respect, making key contribution in the new ways to think, and this helps in broadening the understanding about their own roots of culture. This helps in providing a stronger sense and understanding related to one’s own identity.
The first part of the book was of most significance for the research as it focuses on the impact of culture on learning, in which discussion is on the classroom behaviour of student and the expectations of teacher. By the employment of ethnographic approach to the interaction of classroom, efforts are put in for showing the variation between cultural constructs in the classroom. According to the author, this variation helps in shaping the behaviour of learners and the tutors. The author has disclosed the impact of philosophical perception of different cultural values on the expectations and behaviours of the teachers and the learners. The fundamental attribute of social media is the establishment of community that includes a relationship and fellowship with others sharing common goals, interests and attitudes. Social networks are of huge significance in the field of education. There can be formation of social network quickly that will further enhance the effectiveness of communication in the teaching of English grammar. No more communication can be considered as one way, broadcasting or even sensing across a passive group of stakeholders. Social media provides a better scope of two way conversation, and often, this conversation involves multiple dimension. Social media helps in engaging everyone in involvement with the business.
The author has focused on such philosophical perception as a number of researchers focus on the art of rhetoric factor, while looking for wisdom and knowledge in classroom of different cultural setting. The book has provided rhetoric reasoning related to the classroom of different cultural background. Crediting the introduction of social media, the power underlying communication driven by consumer has started to transform how there is communication in the business. It has revolutionized communication that shakes up traditional mode of one-way communication in which there is control of message by a business and the delivery is made to the stakeholders. Now the consumer is responsible for determining the message and has the accessibility of communication in a two way communication and interaction with a large population of customers.