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美国论文代写招聘-Brics and mints。BRICS is an association of 5 emerging economies namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. All the 5 countries are developing countries and have good economy growth prospects in the future. The association is formed to promote co-operation, financial stability and help among the member nations and also other nations. The association targets to facilitate the economic growth of all the 5 countries at a great pace. The association was formed in the year 2001 with name BRIC. However, after the inclusion of South Africa, the name of the association changed to BRICS.
MINT – MINT is an association of 4 emerging economies, namely, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. All the 4 countries are developing countries and have great economic growth prospects in the future (Wright, 2014). The 4 countries have been associated keeping in mind economic factors like labour, land, capital etc. The association aims at speeding up the growth of the member nations and maintains financial stability.
Role of emerging economies in the production and consumption of sports shoes
Production – The emerging economies have cheap and abundant labour. Availability of cheap labour reduces the cost of production of shoes to a great extent. Perfect examples of emerging economies which have cheap labour are India and China. Emerging economies also have the advantage of easy availability of raw materials and low-cost transport. In addition to this, they also don’t have very stringent government policies and regulations which facilitate business and reduces the cost of production of sports shoes (Ferrell, 2016).
Consumption – Emerging economies have a large market for selling of shoes. Large customer base increases the demand which in turn makes it easy to sell shoes. Greater demand for goods also leads to innovation of more comfortable and newer styles of shoes. Large scale consumption leads to larger production which in turn leads to economies of scale advantage. New products are easy to launch and marketing of the brands can be done conveniently. People prefer good quality at low prices

美国论文代写招聘-Brics and mints。金砖国家是由巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非这5个新兴经济体组成的联盟。这5个国家都是发展中国家,未来经济发展前景良好。该协会的成立是为了促进成员国之间以及其他国家之间的合作、金融稳定和帮助。该协会的目标是促进所有5个国家的经济快速增长。金砖四国于2001年成立。然而,在南非加入后,该协会更名为金砖国家。

MINT – MINT是由墨西哥、印度尼西亚、尼日利亚和土耳其这四个新兴经济体组成的联盟。这四个国家都是发展中国家,未来经济增长前景良好(Wright, 2014)。考虑到劳动力、土地、资本等经济因素,这四个国家一直被联系在一起。该协会旨在加快成员国的发展,保持金融稳定。


生产——新兴经济体拥有廉价而丰富的劳动力。可用的廉价劳动力在很大程度上降低了鞋的生产成本。拥有廉价劳动力的新兴经济体的完美例子是印度和中国。新兴经济体还拥有容易获得原材料和低成本运输的优势。除此之外,他们也没有非常严格的政府政策法规来促进商业和降低运动鞋的生产成本(Ferrell, 2016)。