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道德恐慌在社会中引起了广泛的恐惧,它对公民、政府甚至立法产生了强烈的影响,因为法律将会更新以应对所产生的道德恐慌。道德恐慌通常源于某些刻板印象,并与社会中有偏见或被边缘化的人群密切相关。这是一种明显的威胁,尽管由于新闻媒体和公众的关注,这种不理性的行为普遍存在。当局和法律制定者最终回应了这一威胁。在互联世界中,道德恐慌增加了。道德恐慌甚至在Web 2.0和这些技术建立的相互联系出现之前就已经存在。然而,在互联世界中,这种恐慌已经增加



马什,I. & Melville, G.(2011)。道德恐慌和英国媒体——看一些当代的“民间恶魔”。《网络犯罪学杂志》,1,第1-21页。

Marsh & Melville(2011)评估了其他研究人员如Cohen(被认为是理解道德恐慌的主要贡献者)提出的“道德恐慌”一词,并试图说明在历史和当代情况下,道德恐慌是如何出现的。这项研究的目的是表明,道德恐慌的情况不能简单地当作神话而被忽略


Moral panic is what causes a great fear in society so widespread that it has a strong impact on the citizens, the government and even the legislation, as laws will be updated in order to meet the moral panic created. Moral panic usually stems from certain stereotypes and can be closely associated with the prejudiced, or marginalized population of a society. It is a perceived threat, although irrational is widespread because of the news media and publiconcern. Authorities and law makers end up responding to the threat. Moral panics are increased in the connected world. Moral panics have existed even before the advent of Web 2.0 and the interconnections established by these technologies. However, in the connected world, these panics have increased. The annotated bibliography attempts to identify and critically assess some of the articles on the moral panic situation in the current world

Bibliography Entries

Marsh, I. & Melville, G. (2011). Moral panics and the British media–a look at some contemporary ‘folk devils’. Internet Journal of Criminology, 1, pp.1-21.

Marsh & Melville (2011) assess the term moral panic as presented by other researchers like Cohen (attributed as a main contributor towards the understanding of moral panic) and attempt to show how moral panic situations are found in history and contemporary situations. The purpose of the research is to show that moral panic situations cannot simply be dismissed as myths.