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就业津贴和加班等权利比30年或40年前不那么普遍。这主要是因为公司对生产力的看法发生了变化。早些时候,就业津贴和加班等权利被认为是提高生产率的最佳途径。相反,在当今世界,还有一些其他的策略可以使公司获得最大的利润和提高生产力。这些策略包括将技术纳入其中,向雇员提供人寿保险。就业有利益和权利的某些缺点包括增加成本和倦怠(卡罗尔& Buchholtz,2006)。就业福利和权利仍然是公司的重点,但它们通过激励和确保每个雇员的个人主义得到维持。






The tariff law has been contributing to the development of economic stability within United States as it played a crucial role in trade policy. The tariff law was outlined to increase money to pay the federal budget. The past clearly confirm the fact that tariff law is one of the most significant reasons behind the increase of federal revenue (Tocqueville, 2010). The tariffs have been financing the federal government within US for over a century as it promoted industrialization.

Employment benefit and right

Employment benefit and right such as overtime are less common today than 30 or 40 years ago. This is mainly because of the shift in perception of companies towards productivity. Earlier, the employment benefit and right such as overtime was considered to be the best way to increase productivity. On the contrary, in today’s modern world, there are some other strategies through which the company can earn maximal profits and enhance its productivity. These strategies include the incorporation of technology and offering the employees with life insurance. There are certain demerits of employment benefit and right which include increased cost and burnout (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2006). The employment benefit and right are still the focus of companies but they provide the same through incentives and through ensuring that the individualism of each of these employees is maintained.

Death Rates in SA

The main reason behind women dying much younger than men is the HIV/Aids. The health review of SA Human Rights Commission clearly state that the health sector of SA has been unsuccessful in mitigating the poor health conditions of women and in preventing them from certain harmful diseases (Tocqueville, 2010). Slavery is also one of the reasons behind the same.

Last Ice Age

It has been found that the people in SA saved themselves from extinction from the last ice age through sheltering in the Garden of Eden. It is claimed by the scientists that the some people survived from the last ice age by exploiting a unique combination of resources at the southern cost of SA. The people were able to save themselves mainly because of the sea food and rich vegetation available in the area.