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4.通过充分认识社会认同的集体思维和类型,管理层和公司作为一个整体可以做出合格的决策,形成相互牵扯,加强内部联系的劳动力队伍(Taras,2009) 。这就造就了一支高素质的员工队伍,他们始终专注于跑赢个人的障碍。


Importance of social identity and its relevance in organisations
Social identity is a force formed by the collective thinking pattern of a group of humans. By thinking and acting collectively, a new social identity is constructed. This identity also exists in organisations and is very useful in labour unions, machine workers, and lower and mid managerial staff union. Socially they are connected with a common purpose and a common thinking pattern. Mr Davidson failed to notice the social identity of the company’s production team which led the exit of Mr Ang, and Mr Ang was the person who could have brought about the change desired. The importance of studying social identity in an organisation gives many benefits which are sometimes intangibles.

These benefits could be of the following:
1. The management understands better to allocate task based on their identity, and allocating in this manner could avoid many poor performance and bring out better results.
2. The production team could manage the tasks in a better way and abide by the performance criteria and guidelines.
3. The management could learn about any predictable future consequences that could arise by their decision which is directly impacting the employees’ behavioural change.
4. By being fully aware of the collective thinking and type of social identity, the management and the company as a whole can make qualified decisions and form a workforce which involves among each other and strengthens their internal bonds (Taras, 2009). This creates a quality workforce which is always focused on outperforming personal barriers.
5. Social identify knowledge can help the company in negotiating disputes in a better way and avoid any unnecessary deterioration of relations. If Mr Davidson had known and studied about the social identity of the organisation, it could have saved the company from making continuous losses and would have performed better with excellent change management.