Assignment First



第一篇文章中,最后一年,关于美国总统Bryon先生,他是如何传播基督教并专注于其在美国的教学,而第二条,长大,是作者本人,他的生活和高度集中在他的生活与他的姑姑了。这也说明了他姨妈的性格和素质,以及她在不同情况下的表现。与Bryon先生和Pat阿姨的品质性状是非常不同的每一个感觉。Bryon先生是美国的总统,然而这样一个著名的人;Aunt Pat只是一个普通的女人过着痛苦的生活在经济萧条的时候。最后几年的重点放在政府和总统身上,而成长则只关注作者的个人生活和国家的政治局势。


Individuality is an important trait in every person as it highlights the best aspects of his or her personality. Every person is much different from another person and so there are a lot of differences in opinions and the way people perceive some events. For every person, there are some people who are extremely dear to them and so they fail to understand or highlight the faults and mistakes of such people as they are blinded by the love that they have got for them. The articles being analyzed and compared are written by two different people about the people that they love and it highlights the qualities and traits of those people. There are many similarities in these articles; however, they cannot be more different from one another.

The first article, the final years, is about President Mr. Bryon and how he spread Christianity and focused upon its teaching in America, whereas the second article, growing up, is about the author himself, his life and highly focused upon the life that he spent with his aunt. It also shows the traits and qualities of his aunt and what she did in different situations. The traits and qualities of Mr. Bryon and Aunt Pat are extremely different in every sense. Mr. Bryon was the president of America and so a well-known man however; Aunt Pat was just an ordinary lady who lived a painful life in the time of depression. The final years focuses on the government and the president whereas growing up just focuses upon the personal life of the author and very shortly upon the political situation of the country.