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本篇美国商业论文代写-特许经营创业模式讲了随着当今生活节奏的加快,人们几乎不再在家里烘焙食品,而是严重依赖于他们喜爱的面包店提供的新鲜烘焙产品。因此,对于烘焙类产品,该产品的市场定位相对较好。再加上Bakers Delight的品牌名称,品牌的定位就容易多了。这是特许经营模式最重要的优势之一。本篇美国商业论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Benefits of franchise model of entrepreneurship

The business I chose to start my entrepreneurship venture is the franchise of Bakers Delight. The bakery products are staple in the diet of an average Australian and thus the demand of these products are always upwards. Even in the difficult economic market times like recession or loss of jobs, people do not stop to buy the basic food products. The food and bakery market has great future potential. Although, the bakery market in Australia is a mature one, today it is also undergoing an exciting growth phase. Healthy and delicious bakery products are always in demand. The researchers believe that the growth in this food industry is going to stay for long time to come. Also, the choice of Bakers Delight is an easy one, which given my experience as a management intern in one of their bakeries (Franchising Information 2016). Opening up a branch in my home town of Phillip Island would be a great idea. The island records more than 3 million visitors specially for the Phillip Island National Park. The company has a well-designed franchise model which attempt to make the bakery one of the most prominent one in the entire country. By December 2014, the company had a share of 13.6 percent of the fresh bread market within the households of Australian and 4.6 percent of Moving Annual Total (MAT). It was founded in 1980 as a single bakery in Melbourne, Victoria and now it operates in Australia, Canada and New Zealand with over 700 bakeries (Franchising 2015).

Analysis of the chosen entrepreneurship option

For analysis of the chosen project, I would conduct the thorough study if the present affairs of the Bakers Delight. The company boosts that the freshness of its products is its real unique selling proposition. The bakery products can be positioned in the market in various segments. Form the cost conscious middle and lower middle income group people to even high income group people, the bakery items are consumed by everyone alike. However, the specific market positioning is required for the new type of products like gluten free, whole wheat breads, etc. These products could be placed in the market to target the health conscious people. With the increase in pace of today’s lifestyle, people have almost stopped baking items at home and heavily rely on fresh bakery products available in their favorite bakeries. Thus, the market positioning of the products is comparatively well established in case of bakery items. Also given the brand name of Bakers Delight, the positioning of the brand becomes much easier. This is one of the most important advantages of the franchise model of business.

SWOT Analysis of the Bakers Delight Franchise

For further analysis, I conducted a precise SWOT analysis of the Bakers Delight with respect to my franchise branch in the Phillip Island, which showed the following results:


The bakery has a reputed market name for its authentic recipes and expertise in making interesting variety of bakery items.

It makes fresh and handcrafted breads every day and does not keep the products on shelf for long.

It is well established name in the bakery world in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It offers its franchise thorough training and continuous support.

For supporting the new franchisee, it already has more than 700 bakeries.