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The globalization around the world is quite visible by everyone. The astonishing technological advancements have been spread around the world and almost everyone have access over these innovations. No doubt, the technology has brought ease to our lives but it has made us more materialistic and unconscious from our surroundings and hence brought more challenges than ever before.

Challenge of the time


Several measures have been taken in this regard and more effective ways are being worked on by the scientist to protect the planet earth from collapse. There is a huge trend of renewable energies among earth lovers. Renewable sources include wind power, solar power, water, biomass and thermal energy. Renewable energies are now preferred to get rid of harmful effects of nuclear energy, oil, natural gas and coal which destroy the atmosphere and ozone layer at a great extent. Renewable energies are environment friendly and low cost which are made of natural sources and no injurious chemicals are been used.

Using environment friendly sources, the conservation of energy has been done so it can be reused. Vehicles are being designed which are electric, smoke free and even with greater efficiency.


The environmental changes and natural disasters not only ruin everything comes in their way but also affects the life of those who manage to survive somehow. It is more certain from the evidences of disasters and world’s condition that human’s life is changing with the climatic conditions.

There lies a great responsibility on each society to take measures. Easy ones would be Mitigation i.e. reduce the emission of GHG; enhance sinks for toxic gases and geo-engineering to counteract the effect of harmful GHG. Second would be Adaptation, i.e. adopt proper agriculture processes, strengthen defense against climate related disease and build more damns and dikes.