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Social Multimedia improves innovative ideas
Social multimedia helps to remove the void among its employees and top managers which in turn helps its employees to share their innovative ideas with them and this exercise works in the favor of an organization and proves advantageous. Social multimedia functions as a good source for employees to articulate their acquired knowledge, which results in the favor of the organizations’ advantage because of the better scholarly assets produced (Amine, 2012). Social multimedia aids its employees to share their ideas and team up with others for the configuration of ideas that are dissimilar by nature within the organizations, and improving in the production of novel ideas and knowledge sharing processes.
With the help of this the multinational organizations unable themselves to be more responsive and attentive to grab the opportunities of the altering market demands or fashion. Hence, that platform for employees to enhance innovative capabilities allows organization to differentiate themselves from competitors gaining advantage.

Social Multimedia improves communication
Social multimedia enables internal communication flow of knowledge and information among employees and organization which promotes transfer of knowledge across different division and sub-division of an organization which enhances the problem solving ability. The main characteristic of social multimedia being, allowing anyone and everyone to take part in the discussions it helps the organizations to have a genuine conversation with its employees and also allowing a good communication channel vertically and horizontally. Through accurate use of social multimedia for communication the employees are able to inculcate awareness in order in solving multifaceted concerns which help to ease group learning and also improves in problem solving. Furthermore, social multimedia makes the communication easier between external parties as it breaks down the usual relationship of customer- organization and creates a healthy relationship among them.