Assignment First





History witnesses, the roots of the relationship between the United States and Latin America started since the colonial times, when the present day Latin American nations were still the colonies of countries like Spain and France.
It was in the late eighteenth century, when the United States fought its war of independence against the British rule and then later, the US merchants started their trade relations with the colonies of Spain. With the beginning of the nineteenth century, with British being involved in focusing on dealing with the French aggression under Napoleon, the United States started to support the Latin American nations to form independent Latin American republics. As a result, almost all Latin American nations, except Cuba, got their independence in 1820s. Cuba, however gained its independence in 1898.

As a result of all this unification of the American countries, there started a revolt in Guatemala, against the dictatorship, which was lead by students, intellectuals and even military people. This revolution finally lead to the first democratic election in Guatemala in 1944. It lead to the political reforms and social welfare, improving the situation of education, health etc, in the country. It even lead to the seizure of United Fruits land. However, in 1954, the United States Central Intelligence Agency carried out an operation and deposed the democratically elected government and hence, ended the Guatemalan Revolution. OAS refused to help in the situation, and dictatorship was restored back in the state. This resulted in the civil war for about 36 years which lead to the death of about 200,000 people. There was an outrage in the Latin America during all this time and the dictatorship was finally removed in 1986. On this, even Bill Clinton, in 1999, accepted that the decision of support for the military forces and intelligence units engaged in violence and widespread repression was wrong.