Assignment First




道德伦理正义是另一个框架,用于决策。被认为是自然的一部分的生活社区和区域本身有权利接受正义,因为他们参与了困境,而正义必须是有效的,理性的,并满足实体的关注(Fennell, 2012)。当活着的人们被允许留在该地区的时候,他们得到了正义,同时也被要求严格执行他们使用森林中的木材谋生的活动。他们必须让该地区保持自己的荣耀,因为它一直在为城市的天气状况提供生态保护。因此,必须用先进的维持措施来保护墨西哥的戈达山脉遗址,并通过不干扰其自然发生的变化来加强其对气候的影响,而这种变化也是其权利之一。场地保持原样,保持动植物、物种的完整,不受干扰,并允许它们按照自己的节奏繁衍生息,从而达到了公正的目的。


When the local community has been living since generations and has the region as the only source of livelihood, it is not fair to remove then at once. Rationally, since the region is still in good condition, and has not been depleted completely it indicates that the communities living inside has not intended to destroy the region from inside, and so if they are trained and informed about the benefits, they will remain the same or even safeguard the region from external attacks(Fennell & Malloy, 2007). This model is appropriate for making a decision because it gives rational reasons for all actions that are part of the overall process and considers the rights and consequences of the decision on both entities and other stakeholders.

The natural law states that nature and the beings of nature has some inherent rights when they exist on earth and that it is natural of them to hold some birth right, hence the region as part of nature and the people living inside of it hold some natural rights for themselves and they must be contained and adhered(Fennell, 2002). The living people have the natural right to continue living there and use the forest, though with limitations, for their livelihood and refrain from exploiting further, and the region has the natural right to be protected from being exploited for selfish reasons. Thus, these two entities have some natural rights, as per natural law, to deserve the fulfilment of their rights.
Virtue ethics of justice is another framework which is used for the decision. The living communities and the region itself as considered a part of nature has the right of receiving justice for their involvement in the dilemma and the justice must be valid, rational, and fulfil the concerns of the entities(Fennell, 2012). The living people gets justice when they are allowed to stay inside the region, and at the same time are requested to be strict in their activities of using wood from the forest for their livelihood. They must allow the region to sustain its own glory as it has been providing an ecological sheet of protection for the city’s weather conditions. Thus, the Sierra Gorda site in Mexico must be protected with advanced measures of sustenance and enhances its impact on the climate by not disturbing its naturally occurring changes which is also one of its right. The site is provided justice by being as it is and keeping its flora and fauna, species intact without disturbance and allow them to prosper at their own pace.