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1931年,关于美国梦,詹姆斯·特鲁斯洛·亚当斯(James Truslow Adams)在他的著作《美国梦》(the dream of a land)中写道:“在这片土地上,每个人的生活都应该变得更好、更丰富、更充实,每个人的机会都应该根据能力或成就而定”(the Epic of America, pp. 214-215)。美国梦强调人人平等,所有公民都有生存的权利,因此强调自我实现、自由和平等机会的权利。




In 1931, regarding the American dream, James Truslow Adams wrote in his book “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” (The Epic of America, pp. 214-215). The American Dream constitutes that all men were equal and all the citizens have the right to live, thus emphasizing on the right to self-realization, freedom and equal opportunities.
“The American Dream” is also about unlimited freedom. Each and every person living in this country has the freedom of choice. F. Scott Fitzgerald gave emphasis on equality, individualism, hard work, self reliant and freedom. Americans can make his own decisions and even they are encouraged to preserve their ideas which may sometimes upset the feelings of other races and lead to misinterpretation. Many ethnic groups cope differently because of cultural differences but still they dream big in order to achieve success in the US. For example, Americans give more emphasis on autonomy but China believes in collectivism. Their collective decisions are made for overall good and not for personal gain. In America, the culture gives more emphasis on personal goals to achieve independent success. Americans are more relaxed in social interaction and give stress on efficient and rapidness whereas Chinese people are more aware of social networking in doing a business. Chinese people give more emphasis on authoritative figure while making decisions. The Americans are more independent in decision making. Each and every culture has their unique values and these gaps can be conquered by mutual respect and cultural awareness.
America is a country of boundless prospects. It is a country where everyone can live peacefully in spite of different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and belief systems. America is also called the God’s chosen country because of its value system and democracy. Americans give strong prominence on individualism. It gives more emphasis on individual goals and persuades them to become more ambitious. Henry David Thoreau symbolizes the simplicity in American Dream. He wanted to get rid of excess in life and wanted simplicity so he lived two years in wilderness. According to him, luxuries and comfort zones are not indispensible in life; they cause more hindrances in uplifting human life. People are more engrossed with money so they forget to live meaningful life.