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本篇paper代写-业务级策略问题讲了公司的业务层面战略是公司致力于关注消费者的需求。它是对提供给消费者的增值服务的考虑,并确保交付物符合消费者的需求(波特,2008)。它已经识别和定义了它的消费者,关注他们的需求,并制定了一个策略来交付给这些消费者。对于消费者,有明确的定义:谁,什么,如何(Amit, & Zott, 2012)。关键服务,增值服务,保修和退货政策是为了满足消费者的需求。本篇paper代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Business level strategy issues

Business level strategy of a company is the efforts undertaken by the company to focus on consumer requirements and needs. It is the consideration of the value added services provided to the consumers and ensuring that the deliverables cater to the consumer requirements (Porter, 2008). It has identified and defined its consumers, focused on their needs and developed a stratagem to deliver to those consumers. There is clear definition of who, what and how regarding consumers (Amit, & Zott, 2012). Key services, value added services, warranties and return policy is manoeuvred to meet consumer demands. Apple has an effective consumer service system nevertheless its services are catered towards the consumer who can afford premium range of products. Apple has always targeted the premium markets. Niche consumer base are people who can afford Apple products. This has lead to emotion of Apple being products of high value. Apple has followed focus differentiation strategy (Heracleous, 2013). In this strategy there is key demography that has been identified and all products are created to serve those consumers. This is similar to the business operations conducted by Ferrari, Aston Martin. They ensure the premium range of consumer requirements is satisfied. By limiting sales to the premium markets, company is losing many of its potential consumers. There is a need for product diversification. This does not mean that the company should involve itself in producing inferior products (Fei, 2014). It can develop varied product range to cater to all the demography. To elucidate further, Apple is involved in sales of Mobile phones. Like Samsung it can develop diversified product range to cater to all people. Samsung is maintaining quality and also generating profits by this endeavour (Fei, 2014). Apple can try and encompass this strategy to boost sales and ensure sustenance in the future.