Assignment First

本篇peaking代写-领导力和团队工作讲了我们团队的领导并不是一个独立的实体。通常,团队的形成需要团队中有一个独特的负责人,这个负责人在保持全局方面起着至关重要的作用。领导者不仅要设定议程,确保团队步入正轨,还要提供变革的想法,帮助团队保持其紧迫性和动力。本篇peaking代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The above details are needed before any customer wants to make transaction on the platform because customer needs to be confident and trustworthy before making the payment on the platform.

Customer Information requirements: The customer information such as name, email id, phone, address, credit/debit card information is needed while making the purchase on the platform. All the information is governed with the IT, Security and government rules & regulations to ensure that all provided information is secured and not shared with any third parties.

All products information is provided in details with all images, content, description, reviews and more so that customer can have proper details before purchasing on the platform. The legal and ethical considerations are taken by the legal department of the company to make sure everything is legitimate before making transaction on the e-commerce platform.

The shopping cart is designed with help of word press plug-in to ensure seamless purchasing of the products.

The filter system is built so that product customization can be done as per the customer’s need on the platform.

PayPal or other available standard payment gateways systems are implemented with checkout button so payment /transaction can be done quickly and securely too. The delivery is ensured using Fedex with proper tracking number so that customer can have assurance for the product shipping and delivery time to time.

In the invoice created, the 24×7 customer service number is mentioned so that customer can call any time and have answers to their queries. The complaint or other feedback system is also integrated using UserVoice so that customer does not have any issue while connecting to the business for any queries.

All the products, images and information are stored on the secure Word Press platform which is hosted on AWS. In case of any issue, the backup can also be done in the future. The MySql has extra table for all payment/transaction related queries including refund or cancellation.

The marketing collaterals such as flyer, banners, and posters are designed to reach to the targeted customers. All social media such as Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, tumbler, and twitter are properly planned with engaging content and activities for aware about daily products or discounted products.

The responsive website is designed so it can be used on various browsers and devices quickly. Also, all pages are optimized for faster loading. The images size is reduced and kept with proper alignment so loading can be much faster. The intro video and intro screens are designed so new customer will not have problem in browsing the entire platform.