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本篇personal statement 代写-经济学讲了经济学似乎是研究复杂的表格和图表、统计数字和数字,但更具体地说,它是研究在努力满足需要和欲望的过程中,什么构成了理性的人类行为。这份报告是基于澳大利亚在金融危机后的贫困是如何打击住房成本、收入增长和失业的。事实上,经济学的大部分研究都与人们的行为和选择有关。自被广泛认为是这门学科之父的亚当•斯密(Adam Smith)时代以来,经济学家对贫困及其对其他宏观经济因素的影响采取了不同的观点。如果世界要取得积极进展,探索经济与贫困、失业和收入增长之间的联系至关重要。本篇personal statement 代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Economics may appear to be the study of complicated tables and charts, statistics and numbers, but, more specifically, it is the study of what constitutes rational human behaviour in the endeavour to fulfil needs and wants. This report is based on how poverty in Australia after financial crises had hit housing cost, income growth and unemployment. In fact, much of the study of economics is concerned with how people behave and make choices. Since the days of Adam Smith, who is widely regarded as the father of this discipline, economists have adopted various views of poverty and its impact on other macro-economic factors. Exploring the link between economics and poverty, unemployment and income growth are crucial if the world is to make positive progress.

Content of Topic

Topic: Poverty in Australia since the financial crisis: the role of housing costs, income growth and unemployment

Income growth

Another micro-economic factor that affects economy is income level and growth in income level from its present level. For every economy to be at constant growth rate, income growth play important role. Income growth is the situation under which people of the country are provided with higher employment, low saving rate, continuous flow of funds, etc. Income growth can be measured with the measurement called gross domestic income and gross domestic product. Many economists have suggested to increase income level of individuals can lead towards sustained economic rate and lower poverty rate.

In this case, income rate is the biggest factor in the Australian economy because of financial crises. Supply or flow of funds in the economy is the biggest factor that required to be managed so as to manage poverty. Low level of income or low income growth is the core factors that lead to poverty in the economy. Higher taxes also decrease level of income in Australian economy (Wang, 2015). In Australia, after recession or financial crisis, government and other regulatory bodies are not able to control and increase income level of individuals.