年龄18到60。和人口规模的人年龄在0 – 15和65 – 100。




the socio – cultural factor which influenced the Next Plc. most was the mobility of labor. As there are many competitors in the fashion industry. The labor is highly volatile in this industry. Companies and competitors are in a gauge to hire labor by paying high rate to them.
The population of the area also forms a part of socio – cultural economic factor. Age profile is also included in the same category. Next Plc. is in United Kingdom the work force in United Kingdom is skilled and there is no shortage of labor but if we see the age limit then we will find that this might be a problem for Next Plc. as the workably aged population of United Kingdom is less. There are less people in the
age group of 18 to 60. And the population size of people aged between 0 – 15 and 65 – 100 is more.
Next Plc. is a fashion company and as we know fashion industries are the most dynamically changing industry of all the industries. Next Plc. has to face problems like changing fashion trends and loss of old stock which has become outdated due to change in the fashion or life style of people.
Next Plc. Company has loyal customers so Next Plc. does not face such a problem of consumerism. But in the countries where the brand is new and has yet to establish its mark it that given economy. There are chances of facing consumerism. This problem can not be sought in short run but its solution lies in the long run only.