Assignment First

申请大学的personal statement:在这个充满逆境的世界上,总有一个问题会给人类的生活带来挑战。从过去几个时期以来,叙利亚各地区普遍存在着问题。由于战乱,许多人被迫背井离乡,住在难民营里。许多邻国正在帮助人们在难民营建设的帮助下过上安全的生活。人们内心的痛苦不能通过与亲人分离的面孔来判断。现在美国支持叙利亚难民,许多知名人士都在评论政府的这一决定。美国两位著名影星安吉利娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)的《难民苦难的新水平》(A New Level of Refugee Suffering)和杰伊·英斯利(Jay Inslee)的《为什么我的国家不向叙利亚难民关闭大门》(Why My State Won ‘ l l Close Its door to syria Refugees)有两种不同的评论。对以下评论进行比较和批判,并根据叙利亚人民的实际情况寻找正确的评论。

杰伊·英斯利(Jay Inslee)的《为什么我的国家不向叙利亚难民关闭大门》(Why My State Won ‘t Close Its door to Syrian Refugees)

这是对难民营居民的相反评论,杰伊·英斯利(Jay Inslee)提出了美国政府为何不阻止叙利亚难民进入该国的理由。这是对美国性格的一次检验,看看政府能否保持美国作为世界上最强大的国家的地位,成为世界上许多人希望的灯塔。美国的历史表明,在1975年越南战争期间,难民被允许进入美国的领土,导致他们从此再也没有回到自己的国家。当时大约有7万越南人住在华盛顿,他们现在仍然住在这个国家。

在2014年和2015年,叙利亚允许叙利亚难民进入边境,他们留在华盛顿,待到他们成为这个国家的一部分。这意味着华盛顿将与那些信仰不同宗教的人妥协。由于提供庇护的国家所面临的袭击的原因,该国的情况令人恐惧(Rosemary 2015)。最完美的例子就是法国的攻击。不能保证这种情况不会再次发生。考虑到袭击造成的恐惧,许多国会议员和州长提出了这项声明。考虑到美国作为一个乐于助人的国家的声誉以及能够为世界任何地区的人民提供生活的世界强国,奥巴马总统已经动用了否决权。

考虑到美国著名人士对叙利亚难民所作评论的所有上述事实,可以得出这样的结论,即在其国内遭受战争状况之苦的人不应对这些状况负责。帮助难民的国家足够好,向世界其他地方展示了他们的人性。像美国这样足够富裕的国家,他们应该帮助这些国家,这样他们就可以为难民提供更好的设施,这样他们就可以生活得更好,并携手对抗那些在他们的家园制造战争条件的人。与杰·英斯利(Jay Inslee)相比,安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)关于展现叙利亚苦难的评论显得坚强而光明,因为他的评论展现了叙利亚的弱势,而朱莉则展现了美国政府的光明一面。

申请大学的personal statement:In this world of great adversities there is always a problem which always brings challenges in the lives of human. From the last few time spans, there is problem which is prevailed in the regions of Syria. Due to the fighting condition there are many people who got displaced from their homes and living in the refugee camps. Many neighboring countries are helping the people to live a safe life with the help of building the refugee camps. The internal suffering of the people cannot be judged through the faced that are parted away from their loved ones. Now America is supporting the refugees of Syria and many famous personalities are commenting on this decision of the government. There are two different comments which are said by two famous stars of America “A New Level of Refugee Suffering,” by Angelina Jolie, and “Why My State Won’t Close Its Doors to Syrian Refugees,” by Jay Inslee. The comparison and critique is to be done on the following comments and finding the right comment according to the situation of the Syrian people.
“Why My State Won’t Close Its Doors to Syrian Refugees,” by Jay Inslee
This is the contrary comment against the people who are living in the refugee camps, Jay Inslee who is giving arguments why the American government does not stop the entry of Syrian refugees in the country. This was the test to check the character of America that whether the government would hold the position of America as a world strongest power and beacon of hope for many people around the world. The history of America shows that in the year 1975, during the Vietnamese war, the refugees were allowed to enter into the territories of America which resulted in that they never got back to their country since that time. At that time about 70,000 Vietnamese lived in the Washington city and they are still living in the country.
In the year 2014 and 2015 when the country allowed Syrian refugees to enter the border and they stayed in Washington, with the time they got to be the part of the country. This means that Washington will compromise with those people who are practicing different religion. There is condition of fearfulness in the country which is due to the reason of the attacks that have been faced by the countries which provide refuge (Rosemary 2015). The perfect example of that is France attack. There is no guarantee that this would not happen again. Considering that fact of fear from the attack the statement is being raised by many parliamentarian and governors. President Obama has taken it to his veto powers, considering the reputation of America as a country which act as a helpful country and world power which can provide life to the people who belong to any part of the world.

In considering all of the above facts about the comments that has been given by the famous personalities of America about the refugees of Syria, it can be concluded that people who are suffering from the condition of war in their home country are not responsible for those conditions. The countries which are helping the refugees are good enough to show their nature of humanity to rest of the world. The countries like America who are wealthy enough, they should help those countries so that they could provide better facilities to the refugees so that they could live better and join hand in hand to fight against the people who are creating the condition of war in their homelands. Angelina Jolie’s comment on showing the sufferings of the Syrian uphold strong and bright in comparison to the Jay Inslee because his comments showing the weak section of the country whereas Jolie is showing the brighter section of the American government.