Assignment First

本篇碩士論文代寫價格-房屋建築材料講了瓦努阿圖的結構不適合該國的氣候和環境條件。房屋通常由居住在裏面的家庭建造,沒有任何主要的建築設備。大部分的結構和設施都是由當地的材料製成的,比如竹子、納馬毛樹和不同類型的草和樹葉。本篇碩士論文代寫價格文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Description of the Current State – Shai

Vanuatu’s structures are not adequate for the climate and environmental conditions of the country. Homes are built generally by the family living inside them, without any major construction equipment. Majority of the structures and facilities are made from materials that can be sourced locally, such as bamboo, Namamao Tree and different types of grasses and leaves.

The problems faced when building structures in East Santo, and in Vanuatu in general, is their lack of industrial equipment and materials. There is limited access to these assets therefore the people of East Santo must use local materials to construct their homes. Citizens of East Santo work together in to build the communal facilities such as the church and the women’s centre, etc.

Any material used that is not locally sourced in East Santo is bought from Luganville. This can become quite costly for the people especially once a natural disaster has hit and copra production is low. The challenge associated with the development and preparation for future natural disasters, and bad weather conditions, is increasing the strength of the structures to enable them to survive such events. This can be done by redesigning the ways in which their homes are built or opting for a communal structure that is build to survive these conditions, in which the people of East Santo can use for protecting, in these events. The main problem that arises here is that funding is minimal, so other alternatives must be used in order to enable the structure to be built, but within an affordable region.