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theoretical framework怎么写:城市景观设计







theoretical framework怎么写:城市景观设计

Over the past, the landscape architecture has infrequently been considered in the processes of urban decision making in a large scale. The engagement of the landscape architecture had been limited to consultancy, specific designing and minute portion of the much bigger picture of the urban settings.
There has been agitation by the landscape architects in bringing the expertise of designing at a scale that is region wide or city wide. This work scale is frequently described as green infrastructure. The old forms of grey infrastructure include garbage collection, power networks and grids, railways and roads. However, the landscape architecture challenges the ways of dealing that has been traditional with respect to the transport, energy, waste and water that forms a city’s circulatory system.
The rainwater, instead of being channeled for runoff into the sewer system, in terms of prudent landscape architecture, the water is captured and reused on the green roves sites or letting it seep through permeable that paves into the soil.
In the same way, there are network of open spaces that are interlinked in a city. These open spaces are pleasant for walking, encouraging active transport, and reducing the requirement for infrastructure of public transport and cars.
The research based on science reveals the connection between the imperatives of larger public health and the landscape architects’ work. The vegetation helps in reducing the effect of access to vegetation, the tree shade reduces the urban heat, heat wave effects, daylight and fresh air can improve the recovery speed of the patients with ailments and the provision of public open space’s quality in encouraging the commuting .
There is uniqueness in the site of Hornsby Quarry. The formation of the exposed diatreme, lake, and the remnant quarry walls have been combining in creating a landscape which is dramatic and only few minutes’ walk from the Hornsby’s centre. The bush land surrounds the place that created a feeling of remoteness. The site is endowed with potential for opening up for pubic enjoyment taking advantage of the landscape of quarry for recreation in the doing adventures such as, water based activities, climbing of rock, and abseiling. The options are also there for hosting community events providing for neighborhood and local visitor.