Assignment First



卡尔·波普尔(Karl Popper)曾说过,即使真理被认定为科学的主要目标,但也没有可能证明这一真理背后的假设(利兹,2007年)。然而,托马斯·库恩(Thomas Kuhn)曾说过,真理的假设是错误的,因为科学家仅仅掌握了描述一个部分是自我生成的理论构成部分的世界的能力,因此,它不能被认为是不独立的。在纪律方面,至少有两个相关的维度。通常,参与这一具有实质意义的科学会使人们关注一些在科学哲学中显而易见的异常现象(Piccinini,2007)。然而,与科学有关的极为成功的理论可能会在生产力方面产生严重错误;缺乏数学上的严谨,产生奇点或不定式,以正确的方式不符合其他理论或使用不适当的概念,以及其他内部困难,往往会引起哲学家的详细注意。


Astronomers consider studying the stars, whereas the philosophers following science consider studying the astronomers. This means that the philosophers following science, along with sociologists and historians of science, are within the business to attempt in accounting for how work is done by science and what is being achieved by it (Piccinini, 2007). This particular categorization related to the science principle is known to be a description of principle related to science is only an initial approximation, but has been identified as a good place for starting. The project of description makes an attempt of telling us the truth behind science. This can be considered as the right path to move on; however, it still seems to be incomplete.

It has been stated by Karl Popper that even though truth has been identified as the main objective of science, but there are no possible chances of justifying the hypothesis behind this truth (Leeds, 2007). However, it has been stated by Thomas Kuhn that the hypothesis of truth is significantly false, as scientists only hold the ability of describing a world that is partly a constitution of self- generated theories, and hence, it cannot be considered as being not mind independent. There are a minimum of two related dimensions that are with respect to the discipline. Often, being involved in this having substantive science creates a focus on a number of anomalies that is evident in the philosophy of science (Piccinini, 2007). Extremely successful theories related to science may nevertheless be making gross errors in productivity; there is absence of mathematical rigorousness, generating singularities or infinities, failure in fitting within the right manner in alignment with other theories or using inadequate concepts, along with other internal difficulties often result in attracting the detailed attention of philosophers.