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本篇学院论文代写-国际营销管理讲了国际营销管理是正在研究的领域。这是因为这篇研究论文试图探索中国奢侈品行业的现状,而中国奢侈品行业令人惊讶地只包括国际品牌。有些观点仍然需要完善,而机会则需要探索。例如,消费者的态度仍然处于初级阶段,奢侈品知识还没有达到足够的成熟。行业内存在的另一个过程是,本地公司不存在于行业内,只有国际公司(Hartas 2015)。本土企业只关注行业,认为国际品牌完全抓住了机会。本篇学院论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

What is the area of marketing management that is most relevant to your research interest and why is this?

International marketing management is the area of research under investigation. This is because the research paper seeks to explore the state of luxury sector of China that is surprisingly comprised of only international players. There are several perspectives that still require perfection and opportunities require exploration. The customer attitude, for example, is still in its first stages and the luxury knowledge has yet not attained enough maturities. Another process which exists within the industry is that local firms do not exist within the industry and there are only international players (Hartas 2015). The local firms only look at the industry and view how international brands have seized their opportunities completely. In specific, marketing management area is brand management and perception of customers to acknowledge the reasons and driving factors behind luxury brand consumption (Chen et al 2015). This is due to the fact that interest in research lies in acknowledging the reason why people from China are buying the luxury goods. And the reason why only global brands have the ability of gaining profit in the market but local brands are not even in the image.

What do you want to find out?

The aim in this research lies in various objectives. These objectives are inclusive of the following:

To study demographical factors that impacts the customer behaviour.

To study the motivation that influences customer behaviour (Liu et al 2016).

To study culture based factors that influence the customer attitude.

To study the brand equity impact over the customer behaviour.

Firstly, all these objectives are essential from the perspective of this research paper and the investigation required to be conducted. These objectives will help explore several aspects of the research question. For example, the customer structure within the market of Chinese luxury sector is complicated. Research on this will be required to explore the ultimate characteristic of customers within this sector. According to the report by Rupert Hoogewerf Fortune, 2011, Mainland China number of millionaires has reached to 90 million out of which 5 million are those from billionaire category (McMillan et al 2014). This makes China rank 4th rich nation across the globe. This data depicts that presently the number of individuals in China have already bought top luxury product with good purchasing power across the world (Avdelotte et al 2015) (Chandon et al 2016). From this perspective, it is evident that the research question involves a diverse set of components to be looked at which are possible to be depicted through concrete discussion of above provided objectives.