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当前的伙伴关系可以预测组织未来的筹资机会。它将包括团队所做的研究工作,团队负责分析组织未来的利益。如今,组织良好的公司成为任何大学的唯一合作伙伴已成为一种持续的趋势。一位作家乔利通过分析证明,任何公司与大学合作都是有益的。(Jolly, 2011)因为他们可以在互利的基础上工作,在研究的课题上等等,这一定会给公司带来优势。因此,与大学建立伙伴关系将给我们公司一个新的维度。


它是开发一个系统来衡量一个任务的性能。在最近的过去,有不同的程序使用基于成本计算系统。然而,成本计算系统在90年代末被排除在外,因为没有纳入未来项目的空间。(Jhonson, 1987)。后来,卡普兰和诺顿在2001年建议不同的组织牢记长期利益计划。(卡普兰,2001)它包括高质量的服务,与客户的良好关系,通过不同的策略引入库存系统。这是卡普兰策略图:




Assessment is an essential element for setting up any new strategy. Before reviewing the health information system strategy and infrastructure from the confidential perspective, it is important to know about the dimensions of the assessment. What is exactly the best way to plan for it? The best plan for the health information and infrastructure would result in long term benefits to the employees, and proves to be more productive for the company. The two parameters to consider in the plan are to know the total capacity and resources. i.e. what kind of machinery is available in the company, what sort of environment has been there, what are the measures to be taken to improve the quality of workforce?
Current partnerships may predict the future funding opportunities for the organization. It would account for research work done by the team, who is responsible for analyzing the future benefits of the organization. Nowadays, it has become an ongoing trend of well-organized companies to become a sole partner with any university. A book writer Jolly has analytically proved that how much it is beneficial for any company to collaborate with universities. (Jolly, 2011) As they can work on the basis of mutual benefit and on the subject of research, etc., it will definitely give advantage to the company. Hence, setting partnership with the universities would give our company a new dimension.
It is the matter of fact that if we want to stand alongside the established companies, we have to adopt some managerial strategies based on practicalities and results obtained in recent past. Here we are going to discuss these sorts of strategies:
It is to develop a system that measures the performance of a task. In recent past, there were different programs used based on the costing system. However, the costing system was ruled out in the late ninety’s, due to not incorporating the room for future projects. (Jhonson, 1987). Later on, Kaplan and Norton in 2001 suggested different organizations to keep in mind the long term benefit plan.( Kaplan, 2001) It involves high quality services, good relationship with the customers and introducing an inventory system through different strategies. Here is the Kaplan strategy diagram:
By gaining organization support and working on documents of health research program, we can raise health service culture in the organization. To enhance this culture, the organization should provide benefits to the members of research team by giving them bonuses and incentives. There should be a supervision support in order to promote such culture within the organization. Meetings related to the subject of health should be set up. In addition to this, a research committee should be established to strengthen the roots of research and development. On the other hand, the workforce resources must be added up to increase the overall performance of the organization.
To evolve the culture of research in the organization, it would take a bit of time and patience. It tests the leadership skills of the supervisors that how they are going to take this challenge and obtain a definite strategy.