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本篇亚特兰大论文代写-穆尼池塘尼泊尔餐厅网站讲了关于穆尼池塘尼泊尔餐厅网站的信息。这份报告是关于尼泊尔餐厅网站建设的进展。尼泊尔餐厅是一个非常新的餐厅开始在穆尼池塘。这家餐厅想为澳大利亚的顾客提供在线服务。这个项目是关于餐厅网站的开发,在这个网站上,顾客可以访问,了解不同种类的产品,并根据他们的测试和选择下单。本篇亚特兰大论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

This project report includes the information about the website for Nepalese restaurant in Moonee Ponds. The report is about the progress of building a website for Nepalese restaurant. Nepalese restaurant is a very new restaurant to be started in Moonee Ponds. This restaurant wants to provide online service to the customers in Australia. This project is about the development of the website of the restaurant where the customer can access, get to know about different kinds of products, and put their order according to their test and choice.

This report will show the detail of the component of project management in the context of building this website. It will firstly include the project scope management for this project. It will show that the how the project scope was managed, how the scope was changed, how impacted on the project, and how the project scope will be handled in future. Secondly, the report will identify the problems and opportunities occurred throughout the life cycle of the project. Thirdly, it will include the system development methodology used in this project for achieving the project objectives. Fourthly, it will discuss the outcomes and achievement in this project and outline the project deliverables along with budget and timeline. Fifthly, it will include the conclusion that will summarize the whole project report.

The main aim of this project is to create a new website for Nepalese restaurant to ensure the better customer experience at a Nepalese restaurant in Australia. Furthermore, this project aims to generate the website that can assist the customers in getting information about the menu of the restaurant online and casting order at a time for their choice of food. This project aims to assist the customers to give their feedback about foods after consumption of foods. This project provides forum where customers share their experience with the restaurant. The other aims of the project are given below:

To develop a website that can direct the customers towards asocial network for interacting with each other about the restaurant.

To provide the opportunities to the customers of ordering their choice of food online and to get the delivery of food at their home on time.

To get the customer updated about the menu and latest new about the restaurant.