Assignment First

本篇亚特兰大论文代写-社交媒体讲了社交媒体正在成为当代社会最强大的媒体。它改善了沟通的过程,对社会产生了巨大的影响。像Facebook, Twitter和Skype这样的社交媒体被人们广泛使用,尤其是年轻人。然而,社交媒体改善了沟通的程序,它有几个好处,但与此同时,一些负面影响也变得明显的社会。

The social media is emerging as the most powerful media in this contemporary society. It has improved the process of communication and has the massive impact on the society. The social Medias like Facebook, Twitter and Skype are widely used by the people, especially by the youths. However, the social media improves the communication procedures, and it has several benefits, but at the same time some negative impacts of the social media also become visible in the society. There are several positive impacts of social media. For example, it improves the communication system, especially the business communication that has been improved immensely by the use of social media. Apart from this, it helps the students in their studies. They can easily communicate with their peers about the study and issues, which can be discussed in the social media (Baruah, 2017). As the social media provides several facilities, it has some negative impacts in the youths. It can be seen that the youths use the social media for wrong causes. Furthermore, the misuses of social media can be destructive and fatal. In many cases, it has been observed that the social media increase the crime rate of the country like India especially the sexual crime (Kasturi and Vardhan, 2017).

The question is the use of social media in the society. Are the youths of the society use the social media for a positive reason or the media is used for the wrong reason?