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此外,在本世纪初,韩国产品比日本产品便宜。例如2000年,韩国的电视剧就是日本电视剧的四分之一。而与香港电视剧相比,价格则是十分之一。随着产品价格的降低,韩国的产品获得了竞争优势。 (宋33)


1992年在两国之间的外交协会之后,两国之间的联系和融洽关系迅速发展。两国在重大省事方面有共同点,就像北韩核危机一样。另外,韩国对美国表现出不友善,对中国的友好,使中国人民对韩国的文化十分放心。 (张和白198)


The lives of people of Korea incorporate the conventional elements of Confucian culture together with contemporary ideologies and outlook of the West, which is also depicted in their dramas and culture. Acting as a mirror and offering several lessons and experiences to people of China, the Korean Wave has gained popularity.

The people of China are also fascinated with the contemporary demonstration in the Korean fashion and lifestyle. Even though China has undertaken reform for 20 years, its per capita Gross Domestic Product lags at the back of several developed nations. In comparison to Korea, this figure is quite close and hence the people of China reflect on the outlook and things and objects depicted in the dramas of Korea, like, big cars and buildings, as ones that they can own one day.

Additionally, at the commencement of the century, the products from Korea were cheaper in comparison to the products of Japanese. For example, in the year 2000, the television dramas from Korea stood at a quarter price of television drams from Japan. Also, in comparison to that of television dramas of Hong Kong, they stood at one-tenth of the price. With the products being lower priced, the products of Korea gained competitive edge. (Sung 33)

Subsequent to the diplomatic associations amid the two countries in 1992, the connection and rapport between them grew quite rapidly. Common ground is shared by both the nations with regards to the significant provincial matters, like that of nuclear crisis of North Korea. Additionally, Korea has demonstrated unfriendliness with United States and friendliness with China, making the people of China quite at ease with culture of Korea. (Jang and Paik 198)