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英文论文代写-A discussion of business immorality。会计在每一项业务和组织的发展中都扮演着重要的角色。每个组织都需要遵循质量会计原则,以便更好地运作和决策。本文以两位纳税人为研究对象,分析了他们在会计核算过程中选择不同的会计处理方式,并对他们目前从事的业务是否存在不道德行为进行了分析。运用各种伦理会计原则进行分析。唐纳德·特朗普最近的演讲也将作为支持本文论点和研究结果的补充参考。

From the information presented in the article and also the speech delivered by Donald Trump, it is evident that the current business is immoral as the business techniques are unlawful and accounting principles are unethical. Ultimately, the business owners are cheats to the respective governments. Gina and Andrews have tried to keep their appearances up as a taxpayer. In reality, they have not yet paid.
The situation shows the poor standards followed within the country (Gaffikin et al, 2004). Additionally, these billionaire business people prefer to maintain their assets overseas and the accountants fall prey to their unlawful deal and help the business owners shift their wealth to people abroad. This is an immoral procedure and a wrong accounting practice. Gina owns a very big share in the market and is liable to pay a huge number but she evades as the tax practice within the organization does not comply with the quality control standards. The professional conduct dissolves or even disappears because of the nature of corporate greed. It is rather astonishing to note that the managerial accounting practices such as planning, organizing and controlling happen well but the ethical financial accounting practices such as reporting, tax – paying never happen or rather do not exist (Mintz, 2016).
On the other hand, the case of Andrews demonstrates a clear escape from the taxes. As he owns a huge share like Gina, he prefers to manipulate the financial numbers to show the taxable income and profits as non taxable as the numbers are high and he might end up in loss if he had paid. This is a clear instance of unprofessionalism and the tax standards are not stronger in his organization. His corporate greed motivated him to play tricks with the government so as to avoid any such taxation to the company. His huge sum of tax is an example and there are so many such people who prefer doing immoral businesses and contribute to the global economic breakdown.

The top tax payers in the world tend to pay very limited amounts as the records are manipulated and that the accountants are forced to play unethical role to help the business grow. While accounting helps the organizations to grow and also take decisions, these types of unlawful principles certainly demand the need for stronger policies from the Australian government. As people perform overseas businesses, the accounting standards are either unclear or the penalization process is not strong enough. This is the reason behind the growing percentage of tax evaders which is supposed to be an unlawful act. On the whole, this paper shows clear instances of two different people – Gina and Andrews who play cheap tricks by choosing unique paths to avoid paying taxes and misusing the accounting practices entirely.

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