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本篇英语论文代写-安德鲁的公司运营讲了安德鲁让员工们感到自己很重要,并开始通过广告宣传不同的排名。就安德鲁的观点而言,他主要关注消费者的满意度。他认为,首先要满足消费者的期望,然后集中精力在餐馆上,这是至关重要的。这种信念还包括让每一个出口都保持可控和简单,同时确保“每个人都遵循一个想法”。此外,这个想法是为了确保一个良好的外观,关心餐厅如何出现和公司如何表现自己。他的信念的另一个重要方面是满足感的威胁。本篇英语论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Such diversity has certainly aided in giving company the competitive benefit and was dominant in the worldwide interactions among customers and employees (McDonald’s, 2016). Andrew makes staff members feel vital and started promoting different standings in a brighter light by way of advertisements. With respect to Andrew’s viewpoint, he is chiefly focused upon consumer satisfaction. He holds the view that it is essential to first satisfy consumer expectations and after that concentrate on the restaurants. The belief also involves keeping things manageable and simple for every outlet while ensuring that “everybody is aligned with single idea. Moreover, the idea is intended towards ensuring a sound appearance, caring of how the restaurant appears and how the company presents itself. Other vital facet of his belief is the threat of satisfaction.

As a result, he motivates creativity, however, he also desires to ensure that individuals do not lose course of the chief goals. Therefore, there is a powerful emphasis on putting forward sound, creative approaches and after that putting the complete force into successful implementation. For Andrew, an organization wide approach is at all times essential. He also follows ethics and values. At the time when McDonald’s was liable for the obesity issues, he aided in directing the corporation to take on responsibility and helped in creating a solution instead of passing the fault. Further, one among Andrew’s chief objectives is “leadership development and mentoring”. This takes in significant tasks like reorganizing people into diverse functions and recognizing perspective leaders to be given added accountability.

While several of the Andrew morals are not without difficulty perceptible on surface, leadership of skinner was obvious at the outlets seen. The care about consumer contentment was highly apparent, staff members were at all times friendly and the food outlets were quite clean. Additionally, almost all staff members appeared well mannered as well as presented themselves in a proper manner. There appeared to be a great amount of morale, also with the highly custodial and menial positions, which was unanticipated within a fast food outlet (McDonald’s, 2016). In addition, after throwing light of Skinner skills it can be clearly stated that he fits best in trait and situational theory. He is born leader with innate abilities. He is very well aware of how to handle different situation considering the followers and company’s policies. Moreover, he has also proved to be a good mentor by offering guidance and direction to people and the company time and again.