Assignment First


基于此,虚拟组织战略的子公司将是包括协调和控制在内的母子关系,并将重点放在以地理为中心和国际化的性质上(芬顿- o ‘Creevy et al., 2008)。


此外,将从虚拟组织的角度应用以地理为中心的战略框架。地心的关键区别EPG模型的方法与其他方法相比在于它不描述偏差偏好的主机或国家但它聚光灯的本质可以做的事以最好的方式为服务组织(非政府组织et al ., 2008)。从这个角度看,这是显而易见的,高层管理人员不负责雇用或委派个人的责任,因为他们最能代表东道国或东道国的意见。相反,管理层选择一个合适的个人来促进组织的目标和解决世界各地的问题(Matthews et al., 2012)。其关键在于建立一个子公司不仅是东道国的优秀企业,而且是全球化社会中国家的主要出口商,并在增加硬通货供应、更新基础和先进技术等方面发挥优势。

作为一个以地理为中心的组织,“无论何时”的核心目标将是在全球范围内统一子公司和总部。公司的子公司,因此既不是独立的城市国家也不是卫星,而是整体的组成部分,其中的重点是全球化的目标和本地化的目标(Ngo et al., 2008)。在这里,每个部分都以其独特的能力做出了自己独特的贡献。地理中心主义进一步归结为产品的差异化、功能的多样化,因为不同的市场需要在地理基础上具有不同性质和位置的行为。在商业的各个方面,以地理为中心的主要包括研究和开发以及营销。


Based on this, the subsidiary of the fictitious organization’s strategy will be parent-subsidiary relationship inclusive of coordinating and control with focus over being geocentric and international in nature (Fenton-O’Creevy et al., 2008).
From the perspective of varieties of capitalism and systems of business, the neo-liberal perspectives and neo-corporatist perspectives are of essence. According to Albert, (1993), a distinction was drawn between Anglo-American capitalism and capital of Rhineland. From the perspective of selected fictitious organization with home nation operations in US, the key characteristics identified are long term perspective, low restraints over taking over, shareholders having the key responsibility to manage and financial sources.
Furthermore, geocentric strategic framework will be applied from the perspective of the fictitious organization. The key difference of geocentric approach in comparison to the other approaches of EPG model lies in the fact that it does not depict a bias either to preferences of host or home nation but instead it spotlights the essence of whatever can be done in the best possible manner for serving the organization (Ngo et al., 2008). This is evident from the perspective that top management is not responsible for hiring or delegating the responsibility for an individual because they exemplify best the opinions of host or home nations. Management instead chooses an individual properly suited for fostering the goals of organizations and solve issues across the world (Matthews et al., 2012). The key lies in building a company wherein subsidiaries are not only good corporate of host country but also a leading exporter from the nation within the globalized community along with contributing these types of advantages such as increasing hard currency supply, newer sills and advanced technology.
As a geocentric organization, the key goal of “Whenever” will lie in globally uniting its subsidiaries and headquarters. The subsidiaries of the firms and therefore neither independent city states nor satellites but components of whole wherein the focus is over globalized objectives along with localized objectives (Ngo et al., 2008). Here each part makes its contribution of unique nature with its competence of unique nature. Geo-centrism furthermore boils down to differentiation of product, functional diversification from the perspective that distinct markets need behaviour of dissimilar nature and location on geographic basis. Out of every business aspect, the ones which are geocentric predominantly include researching and developing as well as marketing.